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Beet Harvest and Recipe

The everyday grind can become a little stale, if we let it.  With the garden in August, there’s a whole lot of new everyday!  In today’s post, enjoy the beet harvest and recipe!

We started the beets from seed in the Spring.  They were interplanted amongst the strawberries and echinacea and did very well in that spot.

When to Harvest Beets

Beets are ready to harvest about two months after planting.  The top portion of the beet root will emerge from the soil.  You can pick them as needed and let the others stay until larger or pick them all at once.

Beets can actually be planted every 10 days throughout the Spring and Summer.  Depending on your growing zone, you may be able to sow a Fall crop to keep the groceries growing.  Beets can be planted 4-6 weeks before your first frost day.  You can find out your first frost date here.

Long Term Beet Harvest Storage

Beets, like most root vegetables, can be stored for a few months.

The method to storing them without refrigeration involves the following steps.

  • Harvest beets, removing the greens.
  • Layer a few inches of soil in a plastic tote.
  • Place unwashed beets on top of the soil in a single layer.
  • Layer a few more inches of soil.
  • Dampen soil
  • Add another layer of beets.
  • Continue this process for several layers.
  • Place lid on tote.
  • Store in a cool dark place.  Minimum 40° F.

Freezing is not recommended because it can change the flavor and texture.

And there’s also canning.  One of my favorite ways to enjoy beets is pickled!  The BALL Canning book is a great source for canning.

Refrigeration isn’t out of the question either!  Beets can last up to 4 months in the refrigerator.

Reciperoasted beet recipe

Youtube Beet Harvest and Homemaking

Watch our beet harvest, recipe and more at:  Youtube Channel, Cottage Time!

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