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Building A Duck House

Are ducks on your radar this Spring?  Whether you’re a seasoned duck owner or new to the flock, ultimately, building a duck house will be on your “To Do” list.

At the end of the post I’ll be offering free duck house plans.  I think you’ll agree they’re pretty awesome!

We’ve been duck owners for awhile…

Long enough for the ducks to need their own pad.  In our early duck days, keeping them with chickens compromised our male duck.

He thought he was a rooster!

Criteria for building the duck house –

Going into this build, I had two criteria:

  1. It had to be predator proof.
  2. The house could not look redneck!  It had to be at least a little cute.

I’m happy to report, Shaun pulled it off!  Pleasing to the eye and very safe.

Let’s get building.

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Tools and Supplies:

Steps to Building

Step #1 – Building the frame and floor:

The frame is built using 2 X 4’s.  The length is 5 foot and 6 inches.  The width is 2 foot and 6 inches.  For the floor, Shaun cut 2 X 4’s into 2 1/2 inch sections.  They were drilled onto the frame using deck screws.

building the duck house frame

Step #2 – Attaching the walls:

On the front, we left space for an air vent.  This was covered with 1/4 inch hardware cloth.  He secured the hardware cloth with the staple gun.  Hardware cloth is very durable, no chance of predators breaking in.

Step #3 – Attaching the tin roof:

For this step, Shaun cut the tin to fit using drill attachment.  He placed the lower piece of tin first.  Then, he added the top level piece overlapping several inches.

Step #4 – Hanging the door:

We went with a circular door, per the request of our kids.  We used 2 hinges and a slide house door

Ready to build your duck house?

We’ve created printable duck house plans!

We’ll send the plans directly to your inbox for free when you join our growing community.  That means we’ll send you our latest post via email to keep you connected.


Help us decide paint color for the duck house!

The door is circular, courtesy our kids, and they have put in an order for the door to be green.  What color should the house be?  Leave us a comment with the color you think would look best with a green door!  We’ll go with the most popular color and give you an update once it’s painted.

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