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Christmas Cottage Hygge

Join me as I decorate our 1940s cottage for Christmas!  This year, I’m focusing on using a lot of greenery and candles.  I wanted the cottage to have a primitive feel.  Yes, I did use some twinkle lights too.  I think twinkle lights help set the Christmas mood in the house.  Welcome to our Christmas Cottage!


Although it’s December, we’re still having warmer days in the Ozarks.  One of my kids mentioned how he wished it was cold!  He said, “It’s supposed to be cold at Christmas!”

December or not, you won’t hear me complaining about the nice weather.  I’m taking breaks from decorating and prepping the spring garden.


With Christmas bins pushed aside to corners, the cottage is slowly transforming into a cozy Christmas cottage.  The warmth of Christmas punch simmering in a cup, as greenery and holiday treasures are slowly being placed on display.  This all creates the cottage hygge that will leave us with Christmas memories for years to come.

Christmas Dining Room Table

For the dining room table, a warm red tablecloth was used.  The table runner is actually a repurposed Christmas curtain. The plaid print gives kind of a rustic country vibe.

To add heighth to the center piece, a board was placed down the center of the table runner.  An antique candle holder is on full display with lit beeswax candles.

Okay, we do not have our main Christmas tree yet.  Gasp!  The fresh clipped greenery is from some evergreen bushes in the yard.  Twinkle lights and faux fruit were used in the greenery and that is a look at the Christmas table.



In the dining room, is a large cabinet which holds tablecloths, napkins and so forth.  A matching table runner to the dining table was used on this cabinet.

Center stage is the manger.

Behind the manger was added fresh greenery.  The gold picture frame sets behind the greenery with a charming snowflake ornament attached to it.

For height, a green oil lamp to one side and the other side is a white hobnail vase with a faux Christmas bouquet.  And finally, antique books in red and green were added to this vignette, topped off with a candle.

Christmas Wall Decor

Items used in the wall decor:

  • three antique silver trays
  • fresh clipped greenery
  • Christmas ribbon

There is an antique table beside the cabinet.

On this table you’ll see:

  • Greenery, faux red berries and Christmas ribbon added to a crock.
  • A red candle holder sets atop stacked antique books.
  • Greenery is also added to the silver tray to bring in more Christmas feels.
  • And lastly, “Frosty the Snowman” is on display behind the greenery.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of my Christmas cottage, dining room edition.

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