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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Farmer

Christmas Time’s A Comin’

It’s an exciting time of year when people think of others!  Let’s face it, gift exchanges can be daunting.  You want that special person to enjoy the gift you give.

Buying a Christmas gift for a Farmer/Homesteader?  Chances are he/she will appreciate a practical or self-sufficient gift.  They’re probably going to enjoy a gift that can meet a need or make life easier on the farm, the preparedness mentality.

I have listed a few gift ideas for the farmer in your life.  Hopefully, at least one of these will help you WOW your farmer this Christmas!


Seeds are a major part of the farm.  To the new farmer, seeds are a commodity!  I remember first moving to the farm, excited to receive seed catalogs in the mail.  Honestly, I’d rather have seeds than a new pair of shoes!    So, how does one go about gifting seeds for Christmas?  If you know your farmer friend fairly well, they probably have a couple favorite seed companies.  Once you know this information, call or go to their website and order away.   (MI Gardener has .99 cent seed packs.  They are non-GMO and heirloom).  While your waiting for them to arrive, choose a lovely basket or box with an eye-catching design (TJ Maxx has some great storage boxes).  Make a seed gift basket with the seeds, basket, and ribbon or place the seeds in the designer box and wrap.


Farm chores can call for some special clothing and shoes.  Depending where you live, Winter can require some tough and warm new duds(clothes).  A biggie that comes to my mind is Carhartt but there are certainly well made cheaper brands.  Think coat, gloves, toboggans, fleece socks or any clothing to keep your farmer warm.  For the last two Christmases I have ordered Shaun’s gift from  They have discounted quality clothing and shoes.  Speaking of shoes, last Christmas Shaun’s gift to me was rubber boots.  I love them and wear them almost everyday doing farm chores.  It was the perfect gift!

If you’re in a warmer climate, your farmer may enjoy a sun hat or sunglasses.  Aprons are always useful on the farm, especially when they sport nice sized pockets.


A gun and ammo are essential on the farm.  Why?

For one, there will always be predators.  You have to protect your animals and your family.  Another reason is for wild game.  Killing and harvesting wild game to ensure food security relies on having the right kind of gun and plenty of ammo.  With that said, a lot of farmers I know would love these useful gifts.


If your farmer doesn’t have their own beehives, a jar of honey from a nearby apiary is a charming gift, as well as, beeswax candles.  Also, if you know bee keeping interests your farmer, you can gift them with bee keeper supplies or buy a hive to be delivered in the Spring.

Another bee gift idea is a bee keeping class.  Offer to take the class with them or simply surprise them with the paid registration.


This is a pretty cool and unique gift.  It is a monthly subscription box of goodies delivered to your door.  The box contains homestead self sufficient themed items.  There are three boxes to choose from and vary in price.  Go check them out at

Trading Post

Our Trading Post has a variety of items you may want to snatch up for your Farmer (or yourself for that matter).  We have unique designed shirts by our family, along with mugs.


If you are pretty close buds with your farmer friend, you will know if there is an animal they need/want to add to their farm.  This one can be tricky because farmers want an animal that meets their specifications.  One way to gift an animal is to give a monetary gift to the purchase of their desired animal.

I hope these gift ideas inspired you when shopping for your farmer.  If you have other ideas please leave a comment.

Thanks for hanging out for awhile.  Please share and join our Red barn and boots family on the right side of this page .  Until next time….

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