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Comparing Tomatoes by Flavor and Category Starting Tomato Seeds

Comparing Tomatoes

Comparing tomatoes involves the flavor and the categories of how they are enjoyed.  When it comes to tomatoes, nothing beats a freshly picked tomato from the summer garden! Flavor is off the charts!

Of course everyone has their favorites, but lets compare a few. The tomatoes we’ll look at are heirloom.  Heirloom, because they’ve been around for generations and the seeds can be saved and come back true to type.

Canning Tomatoes

When canning tomatoes, you will want to use varieties that are more acidic. 

  • Roma Tomato is probably the most popular canning tomato.  They are more firm to the touch and are choice tomato for making paste.  You’ll find they are more elongated than round and meatier than slicers.
  • Amish Paste is another canning favorite, but probably not as famous as the Roma.  Amish Paste comes from the Wisconsin Amish.  Some prefer the Amish Paste over Roma, claiming them to have less seeds and be meatier.  Amish Paste are also elongated.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve grown either of these and which is your favorite.

Slicing Tomatoes

What classifies a slicing tomato is their size. They are larger tomatoes, growing up to over one pound per tomato. 

  • Purple Cherokee is revered by many as the sweetest most flavorful tomato. I would definitely agree! They are also the perfect size for slicing. Put it on bread and you have the perfect sandwich, just add mayo. Is that a Southern thing?
  • Brandywine is a close second, in my opinion, to the flavor and sweetness of purple Cherokee.  They are the most popular heirloom vegetable!    
  • Black Krim Tomato is well loved by my kids.  They like to eat them like an apple straight from the vine!  A few years ago they were voted best tasting tomato.  They’re also a great size for slicing.
  • Mortgage Lifter was developed in West Virginia in 1922 by M.C. Byles.  Given the name “Mortgage Lifter” because Byles sold plants for $1 each and was able to pay off his mortgage!  Perfect sweet taste and few seeds make this variety a winner!

Bite Size Tomatoes

Bite size tomatoes are the perfect size to pop in your mouth and eat like you would berries.

  • Yellow Pear has great flavor, it’s mildly sweet and juicy. They produce like crazy! With their bright yellow color they brighten up salads and finger food trays. They are less acidic than red tomatoes, making them more desirable for those with digestion problems.

  • Tommy Toes are round and bite size. They have excellent flavor to eat off the vine. Some like to juice them and they’re great on salads. Just wash and enjoy, no cutting required.
Starting Tomato Seeds

When growing any of these tomatoes, they’re going to need fertile soil and a daily watering.  Careful on the water though, too much can make them split (speaking from experience).  The most economical way to grow tomatoes is start your own seeds.  You also get the benefit of knowing what’s put into your plant!  You’ll want to start indoors about 8 weeks before the last frost, but check your seed packet for a more definite date. 


Here’s a look at the process of starting your seeds indoors:

  1. Fill trays with seed starter mix
  2. Using your finger, make a hole and place one seed per hole
  3. Cover seeds with starter mix
  4. Water in the tray, underneath the seeds 1/4 inch of water
  5. Water seeds and cover with plastic top
  6. Place in a sunny location or under a grow light

You can find all of these items in the links below.

Once your tomato plants have their true leaves, that’s the second set of leaves, move them to a bigger pot using an organic potting mix.  The next step will be transplanting your beauties in the garden!  

When it comes to comparing tomatoes, are there any varieties you would add?  Let us know in the comments!

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