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Cottage Fall Decor

Are you ready to take a closer look at our Cottage Fall Decor?  It was very enjoyable styling the Cottage for Fall!

We live in a Cottage Farmhouse that was built in the 1940’s.  It was quite the fixer upper and renovations are still in progress.

Come in and enjoy!

This room is a work in progress.  I’ll be showing you the dining room and our fire side room.

The majority of my items are thrifted or are from the garden.  Real flowers are displayed around the room.  Other items have been in my stash for a good while.

I’ll add real pumpkins when they are available.

Colors in my Cottage Fall Decor

Most of the colors used in the Cottage for Fall are amber, brown tones, brass, and orange.  Amber bottles are styled with a sunflower from the garden and faux cotton.

Brass candlesticks sit opposite the vintage bottles, with beeswax candles.  The flames give a cozy glow.

The metal pumpkin has been in my Fall Decor for over a decade!  The white table runner compliments the cotton.  This is topped off with a straw hat.  Nothing says Fall like a straw hat!

Displayed on the plate rack are matching vintage Pfaltzgraff dinner plates.  They were thrifted, as was the metal plate in the center.  A garage sale score!

Watch our Cottage Fall Decor video here.  (dining and reading rooms)

For the table, a gold tablecloth was used.  The centerpiece flower arrangement is from the garden.  I used a two toned pottery pitcher for the vase.  The colors are a dark brown top with a light tan bottom, also a thrift find.

The fire side room, or reading room, acquired a lot more books in this Fall decorating session.  The wooden toolbox filled with books compliment the earth tone vibe I was going for.

Some cute orange pumpkins will be added soon!

In the Cottage Kitchen

In the cottage kitchen, I wanted to use dried grass from the pasture.  The darker grass is a wild amaranth.  I thought it made a pretty bouquet with the lighter grasses.

This is my Fall decor in the kitchen.  I hung an old barrel top above the Fall grass bouquet.

I wanted to keep the transition simple, while still making the Fall cottage feel cozy.


And finally, I added some vintage tins on the bottom rack.  My Pfaltzgraff dough bowl is a nice Fall color and I have a basket of garlic harvested from the garden.

One last item, which is the only item bought for Fall decorating, is the faux pumpkin.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Fall Cottage Decor.  Thanks for stopping by!  Watch our Cottage Fall Decorating (in the kitchen) here.


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