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Cottage Garden Border Fence

Who doesn’t love the adornment of a cozy cottage fence?  The style is timeless, giving the appeal of the colonial era.  That’s what we were shooting for anyway when we used materials we already had for building a cottage garden border fence.

This fence is cute enough to add it to your garden for aesthetic purposes only!  We, of course, include that as our purpose along with keeping the ducks out of our strawberries.

Tools Needed:

  • hammer
  • loppers or
  • saw zawcottage garden stakes

Steps to Building a Cottage Border Fence

  1. Cut limbs or other pieces of wood 2 foot long (we used kiln dried wood that we found for free :)).  Our goal was to make the fence around knee high.  These will be your stakes.
  2. Gather limbs that are a few feet long.  We used limbs that were various lengths and diameter.
  3. Hammer 2 stakes a few inches across from each other at your desired location.
  4. Begin placing the longer limbs between the stakes.  Don’t worry about gaps.
  5. Fill in gaps with other limbs, placing them where they fit like a puzzle.

We started by adding several of the stakes along the border.  We would add limbs after we had several feet of the stakes hammered in the ground.

The process of hammering the stakes is a great workout!  Go build those biceps.  Stopping to add limbs was a nice break from hammering.

As you add the limbs, clip any of the branches hanging too far outside the border fence line.

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Time Frame for Building the Cottage Fence

Cottage garden border fence side view

You could knock this DIY out in a few hours.  It took us 3-4 hours to build a border fence just over 30 foot long.  We did space our building over a few days, building a little here and a little there as we had time.

What are your plans for a cottage garden border fence?  Leave us a comment where you’ll be building this adorable fence!

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