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Cottagecore Gardening Key Elements

Many of you may be like me, loving the aesthetics of cottagecore!  The design of cottagecore is captivating with it’s natural elements.  I have designed and enjoyed cottagecore gardening for years.

There are several elements to help you achieve the cottagecore garden.  For those of you who may be new to cottagecore, let’s take a look at what cottagecore looks like.

Why Cottagecore?

Most people are drawn to cottagecore because of the simplicity and love of nature.  The ideal of living a relaxed life in a country cottage, surrounded by nature and farm animals.

Vintage and vintage style clothing is a big hit, if you’re embracing the cottagecore wardrobe.  Look for florals, gingham, plaid and neutral tones.  Finish the look off with a straw hat.running in the pasture by the cows in a cottagecore style dress

Aesthetics of Cottagecore Gardening

Survival skills are enjoyed in the cottagecore movement, not only growing your own food, but preserving it as well.  Being present in the moment.  Enjoy gathering produce in a thrifted basket.  Walk barefoot in the grass along the path to your garden.

This lifestyle embraces the simple pleasures of a slow paced life.

In the cottagecore garden you’ll find growing with your veggies and herbs the joy of flowers.  Flowers bring extra beauty to the garden and make for a cozy home.

cottagecore garden flowers

Interplant echinacea with beets and strawberries.  Cut a bouquet for the center tablescape, all while enjoying a bowl of strawberries!

The creamy orange of calendula planted amongst butterbeans, dill and cilantro.  These companion plants make for a beautiful garden row.  Harvest the calendula, dry and DIY your own lotion.

Underneath our apple tree grows lemonbalm.  We’ve been drying herbs, as of late, in the sun.  Enjoy a cup of lemonbalm tea or pour yourself a glass of lemonbalm lemonaide…sweetened with honey of coarse.

Key Elements of a Cottagecore Garden:

  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Paths
  • Potted Plants
  • Garden Gate
  • Garden Fence


Flowers of various heights growing along the path to your garden and intermingled amongst herbs and veggies.


Not only do herbs give beauty in the garden and culinary dishes, but add a cozy cottagecore aesthetic to your home while drying.


Paths seem to give the welcoming invite to come inside.  There’s something whimsical, yet curious about paths.  One things for sure, they do add charm to your garden.

Potted Plants

Placing potted plants in and around the garden and along the paths adds a layer of charm to your garden space.  Consider terra cotta and pots made from natural materials, like bark.

Garden Gate

Who doesn’t love the appeal a garden gate gives to the garden!  The garden gate is your entrance to your happy place.  An old iron gate and aged wood takes you back in time to when the world wasn’t so crazy.

Cottagecore Garden Fence

Let’s talk cottage fencing.

You want a fence that looks like it has adorned your landscape for decades.

We recently built a cottage border fence.  I’m loving the charm it adds to the garden!  Check it out here!cottagecore border garden fence

When talking cottagecore fencing, waddle fencing, stacked logs and natural stones are your friend.  They’re so inviting and simple.

That’s one of the things I love about cottagecore!  Be simple, in the moment.  Enjoy soft colors surrounded by God’s beauty.



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