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Fall Inspired Cottagecore Living

Are you ready for some Fall inspired cottagecore living activities?  Fall is naturally a beautiful time to be outdoors.  And what better way to destress, than to choose activities that place us outside in nature.

I have been very busy, and a little stressed, with homesteading and cottage renovations going slower than anticipated.  We’ve been in the middle of restoring our 1940’s cottage for months!

The world and life can be hard sometimes.  It’s important to pull away and recharge our batteries, engaging in relaxing activities that inspire us.

I hope you enjoy these Fall inspired, cottage living activities

Take a Bike ride in nature.  Whether it be at a park or down an old dirt road, simplify life for a few minutes and get lost (figuratively) in riding your bicycle.

Apple Picking.  Find an orchard and enjoy a day of picking apples.  Put extra apples away as applesauce or freeze slices for pies later.


Take a hike.  Walking can be a great activity physically, as well as mentally.  The changing of the seasons are sure to captivate you with the smells and colors of Fall!


Pack a picnic.  Bring along one of your favorite people and pack a picnic for two.  Take off your shoes and enjoy the grass beneath your feet.  Read a book and press Fall flowers or leaves between a page or two.


Pick some berry filled branches or dried grasses and make a Fall bouquet for your home.

Capture moments and the beauty of Fall on a camera.  There’s something special about taking pictures with a camera instead of a smart phone.

More Fall Inspired Cottagecore….

This next one may surprise you!  Drink a hot beverage outside in the crisp cool of the day.  The pleasure of holding a hot cup of coffee or tea, while the air is cool, warming and all the feels of Fall.

The feeling Fall brings is an excitement in the air.  I’m not sure if it’s because we’re all so tired of the heat that we’re overjoyed for Fall…whatever the reason I’m never sad to see Fall arrive.

Probably my favorite Fall activity is gathering around a bonfire with family.  I have fond memories of us all sitting around the bonfire, roasting weenies and marshmallows.  The last time we did this at my sister’s house we sat on haybales and there was nineteen of us!

One last activity I’ll leave you with is the icing on the cake.  Going to the pumpkin patch!  Choosing those bright orange pumpkins and seeing all the unique green and multicolored pumpkins is always a highlight.  And there’s usually a hayride involved in that visit as well.


I hope these Fall activities have given you some inspiration for Fall.  Enjoy your Fall!

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