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Cottagecore Magazine Winter 2022

Starting the year off, Cottagecore Magazine went with a theme for this first issue.  Our theme was “Traditional Skills and Slow Living.”  While our contributors only scratched the surface, this issue is sure to please.  Let me give you a breakdown of what you’ll find in this first issue.

Starting with the cover!


This cover captures the essence of what’s inside.  Do you long for the simple life when things were slower?  When people used their hands to make crafts and goods that they used in their daily life.

Articles in the 2022 Issue of Cottagecore Magazine:

“Candle Making Made Simple” by Rachel Davis.

This beautifully written piece draws you into her home where she gives the “How To” of making candles.  Simplify the craft.  Make candles for yourself or special gifts for friends and family.

Rachel gives you simple instructions on how to make beeswax and soy candles.

Find Rachel on Instagram @J&RFarms_mama and on her blog for more traditional skills.

“How to Crochet a Chunky Sweater” by Dea Weaver.

Dea gives us a wonderful tutorial for crocheting this chunky sweater!  She debuts her sweater and it’s beautiful.  Her crochet article gives a how-to approach, tips and examples to walk you through crocheting your very own sweater!

Find more of Dea!  She focuses on simple living, self-sustainable, and off-grid, enjoying nature.  Connect with her on Dea Weaver – YouTube and Instagram @deaweaver.

“The Importance of a Sit-Down Family Meal” by Abigail Epling.   

If you grew up eating a daily meal together as a family, this article will really hit home!  You get that eating together is important.  I cherish memories of sitting with my parents and siblings at the table for our weekday meals.  That was over 20 years ago!  Abigail explains the benefits of slowing down the family’s pace to incorporate a family meal.  A reminder that time together is important for everyone!

You can find more slow living and homemaking content from Abigail on Instagram @_applegator_ and watch her videos on YouTube Abigail Epling.



 “Bringing Back Tea Time” by Cozy Kimmi.

“Starting each and every morning with books and tea gives me a sense of steadiness for whatever may come.”  Cozy Kimmi

If you’re a tea lover like me, then “Bringing Back Tea Time” is a must read!  In her article, Cozy Kimmi, gives you the “Why” of tea time and shares a few of her herbal tea recipes.  You will not be disappointed!

Connect and learn with Cozy Kimmi on Instagram @CozyKimmi.


Choosing a Life of Contentment by Stephanie Heinbaugh

“Being able to sift through and find those little moments in the craziness of life is the first step of learning to choose contentment.”

~Stephanie Heinbaugh

Stephanie gives you 6 actions to implement into your life in order to help you choose contentment.  Reading through her article is sure to give you encouragement that contentment on a daily basis is possible!

This article, for me, points to the contentment found in the simple life.  A look at what contentment is and how to get there.

Join Stephanie in her homemaking and homesteading journey at and on Instagram @mountainmamahomestead.

Throughout Cottagecore Magazine you’ll find classic quotes like the one below.

Slow Living Motivation:

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