Farm Hustle

Moving to an old farmstead, we have discovered, has an unending list of things to do! So what have we been up to these weeks since our last blog post? We have been getting projects finished up and new ones started. We have family visiting for the holidays and we wanted to have the boys’ room completed. Plus, making the house more “Our Home” adds a higher comfort level…has that cozy/homey feeling we love.

Shaun worked on leveling the floor in the boys’ room and a bathroom. It was down to days before my sister’s family arrived! It was crunch time! Would Shaun get the flooring finished in time? I have to admit I did wander if it would happen. He tore away flooring down to the dirt! Then he, along with the boys, put down new flooring. Shaun showed them how to connect the flooring and they took off with it. All Shaun was left with was sawing the boards to fit.

They all had a great time working and playing around too. The boys room did get completed! Yay!! All that’s left for their room is a nice paint job…now we need them to agree on a paint color and we’ll be all set.

The bathroom was almost done. It was finished enough to look nice and useable. I can’t complain. It’s a work in progress and it’s coming together perfectly!

Aside from the inside projects is the garden prep for Spring. We have an abundance of trees! Thank You, Lord! Oak and maple leaves are providing me with much needed mulch to build our garden’s soil. I have been sweeping fallen leaves into a plastic bin and piling on our garden, then covering some with a tarp. This will encourage the leaves to decompose and come Spring we will hopefully have beautiful black dirt.

We haven’t been “All work and no Play” though. While my sister’s family were here we enjoyed the Christmas show at Dixie Stampede! Here we all are loving the show!

But, back to reality! Even though our weeks are full of endless chores…we love this farm God gave us. In fact, there’s no place we’d rather be. With Christmas 12 days away, we are excited to spend our first Christmas in our little spot on the map. The boys and I are planning our Christmas Eve party. Our youngest is excited to be a king in the Christmas play at church. We are finally home! All I can say to sum all this up is, “Thank You, Jesus!”

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned as we share our progress in preparing for and finding milk goats.


Blessings to you,



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