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Food Security Series – Day 1

Hello and welcome to Day 1 of the Food Security Series! Today, we’re looking at several ways to get planting no matter where you live. With uncertainty mounting, many are looking to gardening this year. Seeds have become a commodity in a matter of days.

Let’s do what we can for our families’ food security. And who doesn’t love a little “Gardening Therapy?”


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5 Ways to Get Planting Food for Security

1. Barter Land

This age-old practice can even apply to gardening!  When we lived in the city, we met some Farmers at Market who didn’t have land.  They bartered planting space in people’s yards in exchange for produce.  If you find yourself lacking land, look to your neighbors or community.  Offer to barter produce in exchange for gardening land space.  This option can make your gardening dreams a reality. 

Those of you with land that needs prepping, consider bartering with ranchers/farmers for manure.  I’ve seen ads offering free fertilizer (manure) for anyone who will come clean their stalls.  You’ll want to make sure the animals ate non-GMO feed.  If you know a Farmer who practices grass-fed….jackpot!

2.  Raised Beds

Great for anyone with rocky or unhealthy soil.  Raised beds can be built with landscaping stones or untreated wood.  Shaun built us a raised huglekultur bed with landscape stone last year.  This permaculture style raised bed layers dead limbs and wood in the bottom of the bed then fill up with soil.  The big win on this style, “NO DIGGING!”  The wood in the bottom also helps minimize the amount of soil you’ll need.  Once your plants sprout you can mulch the top with hay to keep grass at bay. 

Something else you can use for raised beds is using cattle mineral tubs or any large food grade container.  These are wonderful options for planting carrots, tomatoes, practically any of your herbs and produce.  Topsoil can get expensive.  Check your area nurseries or an Arborist that may sell quality topsoil by the truck load.   Below are links to different styles of raised bed kits, if you prefer this style.  What do you think?

Galvanized Raised Bed Kit

2 Tier Raised Bed with Legs

Wooden Raised Bed Planter

3.  Container

A container option we use is food grade 5 gallon buckets.  Shaun drilled drain holes along the bottom.  I have used these for pepper plants and currently have a fig tree in one.  I plan on planting my dwarf mulberry tree in a bucket and keeping it in the greenhouse.  This one’s great for tomato plants too! 

Cottage Chat Podcast – Listen to “5 Ways to Get Planting” 

More Info in Podcast!


4.  Hay

For those of you with land, hay is your friend!  Layer hay several feet on your garden plot.  Let it sit and do its thang! (decompose/soften ground/feed soil, kill grass) Pull back the hay to plant.  Once the seeds have grown a few inches, snuggle the hay around the plant.  This will hold in moisture during the scorching days of summer. 

5.  Pop-up Greenhouse

Expand your growing season by starting seeds now.  I know not all of us have enough space to start seeds indoors.  This pop-up greenhouse is a great option!  My philosophy, “The quicker you can start growing food, the better.”  You’ll want to have enough time to re-sow seeds that may not germinate.  Starting seeds 6 weeks before your last frost date gives you a six-week head start…yay you!

Pop-up Greenhouse

Portable Greenhouse

Tunnel Greenhouse

Greenhouses are also a great option for fall planting.  Extend your growing season in the fall by either moving plants into the greenhouse or starting and growing cold weather crops in the tunnel greenhouse.

Be encouraged that YOU can do this!  We’re rooting for ya.  If you need us on this gardening journey, please send us a message! 


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Blessings to you,

Shaun & Alisha 



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