Happiness Is….

Today started out like most Sundays.  Enjoying the quiet of the morning and a cup of tea.  Later, when the family wakes, we’ll be headed out the door for church.  The rest of our day usually involves doing chores around the farm, meal time and just being at home together.

The lack of time together is distressing.  Maybe these are just thoughts from a maturing mind.  Why is it as  you get older the days seem to speed away!  The bible says, “…your life is like a vapor.”  So, to quote the old cliché, “don’t count your days make your days count.”  That’s where happiness enters the picture!

I looked back on this past week and thought I’d share some of my happiness report with you!

Happiness is…

  • celebrating 13 years with our oldest blessing/child (children are a blessing from the Lord)
  • watching his excitement when he received the gift he wanted
  • watching the kids learn in homeschool
  • little conversations we have with the kids
  • gathering eggs from the yard
  • taking a part of 2 days to finish a game of Dogopoly (true story!  Board game similar to monopoly)
  • being able to run away from a snake in the garden!  Shaun wasn’t home and he takes care of those things!  Oh, and the snake wasn’t chasing me, nevertheless I ran.
  • gathering food from the garden instead of the grocery store, although you don’t have to run from snakes in the store!
  • having a family devotion at Shrine of the Holy Spirit 

These are just a few of the happy moments from my week.   I encourage you to reflect on your week.  What are the things you look back on that make you smile, laugh, or be grateful it came and went?

Happiness, to me, is enjoying the blessings in your life.  Leave me a comment sharing some of your blessings.  I’d love to read them!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a blessed week,

Talk to you soon,






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