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How to Get Cottagecore Aesthetics for Spring

Cottagecore aesthetics is a style that is adored by many.  You’ll see vintage, antiques and handmade crafts along with natural elements all brought together to give you that home feeling…cozy, rural, sort of farm-ish, grandma vibe!  Today, I’m going to be sharing how to get cottagecore aesthetics for spring.

One element you’ll always find in cottagecore aesthetics is old fashioned lighting.  Whether it be candles or oil lamps/lanterns, try adding their soft glow to each room.

Bring in some flowers to liven up your space.  Both faux and real add a comforting feel to your home.  Flowers brighten up any room, and with spring here, they are a must for creating cottagecore ambiance.

In the above picture, I added a wood charger to the center of the dining room table to add height and a natural element to the space.  The antiques mingled in, egg trinkets and saucers, host more spring flare.


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cottagecore aethetics for spring

On this antique metal table, I placed a thrifted basket with a lid.  This was an item I had been hunting for, for a long time.  You might say, “Baskets are in the cottagecore clique.”  Mainly because in a rural cottage they will be used for so many things.

Baskets are used for:

  • Gathering eggs, herbs and produce
  • Storage
  • Picnics
  • Simple decor

On this table I included live plants in a terra cotta pot, a wooden bunny, vintage/antique plates, and a picnic basket.  They all work together to create a spring cottagecore aesthetic vignette.  Creating a space like this, you want to think about the colors, and what feels you would get in a rural cottage.  You most definitely would see terra cotta pots, old decorative plates, baskets and bunnies!

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Spring Cottagecore and Florals

As I worked on decorating my dining room, the one goal I had in mind was to add lots of florals!  You’ll find faux ones and real ones and then they’re also scattered around on teacups and various trinkets throughout.

If cottagecore aesthetics is something you’re aiming for this spring, I hope some of the decor mentioned in this post helps you achieve that!

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