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Laminate Flooring: Cottage Remodel Progress

Demo day is exciting! Anticipating the final makeover, but then there’s the in-between part that can really wear on you. Have you been there? The left over dust covering all the cute cottage décor, debris and loads of ripped out ugliness to haul away, and the bare bones of what will ultimately be your master piece…the “Ta da” you’ll show all your family and friends. That’s the hard part for me, waiting for my, “Ta da” day!

But, this post isn’t about the waiting. It’s about the progress we’ve made turning our less than perfect kitchen into a lovely cottage kitchen…almost. Now, it isn’t finished yet, but I’m thrilled with how much better it already looks and feels.  Please excuse the poor lighting!

We started by ripping out the 1980s bar and other cabinets that did not fit well where they were placed.  Moving down, we ripped up layers upon layers of old flooring. I think the final decade of linoleum was ’70s or late ’60s. Then sadly, the original hardwood flooring that could not be restored! Subflooring was replaced where needed, we now have a level refrigerator (yay)! We found beautiful barnwood flooring that fits perfectly into the cottage primitive style and finally, I can walk in the kitchen without shoes! Oh glorious day!!

The flooring is a laminate flooring.  I had reservations at first because in the kitchen there will ultimately be water on the floor from spills and mishaps, but we found one that is waterproof.   Installation is super easy.  We started by taping down the underlay.  The underlay creates a moisture barrier.  If you want to check that out, you can find a good product here

There are some tools that will make life easier when putting down your laminate.  A tapping block and mallet help you tap the boards together.  A pull bar assists in tight spaces, like next to a wall.  And finally, spacers ensure you have proper spacing along the wall.  You can find a great kit of all these tools here   

We will eventually replace the cabinets, countertops, sink and will have white bead board walls.  Until then, I’m enjoying my beautiful new floor while I window shop for our kitchen remodel.  Here’s a picture of our new barnwood laminate flooring!  I originally wanted terra cotta tile in the kitchen.  Why did I decide against the tile, you may ask.  With tile there are more steps to putting down the flooring and there’s the biggie, waiting to let the grout set up.  We just couldn’t stay out of the kitchen that long.  I am beyond pleased with my barnwood floor.  Let me know what you think.

Talk to you soon!



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