Christmas Decorating with Children

Am I crazy?  Let my kids decorate for Christmas!

While my kids are older, I think it’s important for them to have a part in transforming the home for this special season.  Sure, all of the ornaments on the tree may be at their height and below, but you’re making memories.

Part of the joy of Christmas is in getting the house ready.  Adults and kids alike enjoy the excitement of the lights, the little displays of the Nativity or the snowman on the wall. 

There’s more to decorating than hanging and placing Christmas decor.  Little ones enjoy helping make Christmas goodies and who doesn’t enjoy making paper snowflakes and homemade ornaments.

Here’s some jolly ways to let your kids take part in the Holiday action:

  1.  Print fun Christmas Coloring pages and enjoy coloring together.  Proudly display their coloring page on the fridge or place in an 8 X 10 frame to add personal Christmas charm.
  2. Make ornaments.  This can be totally diy.  We’ve made ornaments out of sticks and ribbon we had on hand.  There are kits you can pick up on the cheap at craft stores.  When the boys were smaller we let them pick out an ornament. They got to color and the center was a frame, so we could cherish the memory of their age at the time they made the ornament.
  3. Let them be in charge of making the special hot (warm) cocoa during the decorating. 
  4. If your child enjoys art, they could add a special touch to presents by making name tags.  Gather markers, crayons, or maybe paints along with the tags.  Allow their imagination to take over personalizing each tag.
  5. Stringing garland with popcorn, pompoms (from the craft store), dried fruit, or pinecones for example.  This year we used crochet garland one of my kiddos made.  He made a crochet chain months ago and we decided to use it on our dining room tree.
  6. Make snowflakes by folding paper and cutting in random places.  Open and they’ve made a one of a kind snowflake.  Perfect for hanging from the ceiling or taping to windows.
  7. Decorating Christmas cookies with icing and sprinkles.  Also, building and decorating a gingerbread house can be a fun family project.
  8. Since my children have gotten older, my youngest loves to wrap presents.  This is such a blessing because this is my least favorite part of the giving season.
  9. Decorating the table.  Allow their creative artistic vibes to flow!  If they’re too small for the main table scape, let them decorate the kids table, breakfast table or coffee table.  Any extra table that isn’t adorned as the host of Christmas dinner will do. 10.  One final thought that my kiddo enjoys is writing/drawing the Christmas message on our chalk board. 

Hopefully, you are able to glean a few ideas.  May you and your family have a very enjoyable Christmas packed full of lots of time together, including some decorating memories!

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