Never Give Up

What Life is Like Now

Living the life!  Life is so perfect right now.  Not really, but we are pretty blessed.  Waking up early, putting the tea and coffee on and looking out the back door to that view.  I often whisper, “Thank You God.”  Most mornings a blue jay lands on the back porch, right in my view.  Then there are the farm chores of feeding, watering, and moving the chickens.  Taking care of seedlings.  Farming or homesteading, whatever you want to call this life we’re living, is the place we’ve wanted to be for awhile.  We love the country setting, the reality that we can grow our own food, and the slow pace of life.

Of course, we have our challenges.  There are renovations to do, chicken tractors to build and more of a “To Do” list than I care to spill.  Everyone has some sort of challenge in their life.  What I have learned is to not stress out and know that we’ll get to the “it” project when we can.  Take the “TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED” mentality.  Shaun has had this view of life since I’ve known him.  His outlook has helped me become a less stressed out person.

It wasn’t Always Like This

Shaun and I met while attending Seminary in New Orleans!  We lived in the city for several years.  While Shaun grew up most of his life in suburban areas, I had the opposite life experience.  My family has lived in the country since I can remember.  I grew up helping in the garden and surrounded by animals.  Shaun loved all things outdoors and I longed to be back in the country.

We moved around a lot!  As we grew older our goals and desires steered toward having our own place in the country.  I wanted our boys to grow up in the country and experience the satisfaction of caring for animals.  It seemed this longing would never become a reality.  We prayed a lot!  We looked in various locations around the U.S. for years and kept running into road blocks.  If this is you, you’re still looking for your place/home, don’t give up!  We are living proof that one day it can become a reality.  Have a criteria of what you’re looking for and come up with an action plan.

How We Got Here

We had our wish list and that was the criteria we used to find this farm.  The state we chose to settle in had to have free homeschool laws and be second amendment friendly.  Basically, a state that has little government involvement.  Looking more closely at the property, we were set on having well water and no restrictions on the farm.  HOA’s were out of the question!  I also wanted to be far enough away from the city that there is NO chance of it growing out to us, but close enough to get there in less than an hour.

For months we prayed and looked.  While waiting we were pre-approved for a mortgage in Tennessee and Missouri, the states we were seriously considering.  This really helped because when this beautiful farm popped up on a real estate site, we jumped.   The process was easier having already been approved for the loan.  I would advise this to anyone looking for property.  We tried several Real Estate Agents!  Exhausted, our Mortgage lender recommended an A+ Agent.  Our Agent went to closing for us and we were able to do paperwork online.

Then came moving!  We packed our belongings and business and headed west.  Seventeen hours later we arrive at our farm.  So grateful to God for entrusting us to be caretakers of this land.

Finally, we are in farming mode.  Our homeschool room is acting as a greenhouse with seedlings and fruit bushes staged in front of the glass door.  We are growing our flock with over 40 chickens.  Garden prep and compost is ongoing.  And, lest I forget, demo is the norm nowadays!  I hope you have been encouraged to never give up, no matter how out of reach your dreams may seem.  Never Give Up!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a blessed day.

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