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Preparing a Garden for Spring

Although next year’s garden seems so far away, now is the time to start preparing a Garden for Spring 2022.  You will thank yourself for making the effort when you see the progress in your soil.

Why You should Prepare a Garden

Before we go over how to prepare a garden spot, let’s talk about the “Why.”

Prepping a spot for gardening develops a host of beneficial micro-organisms!  This activity will boost the health of your soil which in turn, will boost the health of plants and produce.

This endeavor will also kill weeds and unwanted grass.

produce from a prepared garden spot

How to Prepare a Garden Spot:

  • Choose a garden spot.
  • Cover the area with flattened cardboard boxes.
  • Cover the boxes with a thick mulch.

Choosing a Garden Spot

Choosing a garden spot is a very important step.  Some key points to consider:  Elevation– does the area flood or have soil erosion?  Sunlight– the site should have at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.  Another point is Distance from your house.  Consider how far you’re willing to walk to gather and tend to produce.  Watering– Is there a nearby water source for the garden?

Cardboard Boxes

Covering the garden spot with a heavy layer of flattened cardboard boxes will smoother weeds and grass.  This will help in the Spring, resulting in less weeding.

You can also use newspaper.


Once the garden spot is covered with cardboard or newspaper, the icing on the cake is to mulch.  Mulching will keep moisture on the spot.  This will equal less watering come garden season.

The cardboard and mulch will slowly decompose.  This is continuously feeding the microbiome in the soil.  Result equals soil that is healthier, which inevitably produces healthier plants.

Cottage Time

We recently shared our garden prep on our Youtube channel, Cottage Time.  Watch “A Summer Day on the Farm!”

A day of gathering from the garden and preparing a new garden area for Spring 2022.

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