Primitive Christmas

This year I’m decorating the cottage in a primitive Christmas style   Cottagecore decorating lends itself to a Primitive notion. I used natural items to bring in a primitive feel. The goal was to create a cottage Christmas that looked as though one had stepped back in time.
Fortunately, there are numerous options in the great outdoors, as well as the pantry, for creating such a cottage.


Nostalgic Cozy Christmas Items

If Cottagecore is new to you, the task of decorating may feel daunting.

Let’s demystify it:

Cottagecore Primitive Christmas decor is nostalgic and cozy!

Items that help set the primitive Christmas mood:

  • pine cones
  • dehydrated citrus
  • cinnamon sticks
  • oil lamps
  • candles
  • wooden beads
  • fabrics like burlap and wool
  • embroidery
  • doilies
  • vintage
  • heirloom pieces.

Creating a space that glows with Christmas past and embraces the present is easily achievable.  Check flea markets and thrift stores to find inexpensive pieces to complete your Cottagecore Christmas decorating.

To create Primitive Christmas tree ornaments and garland you’ll need:

  • cinnamon sticks
  • pine cones
  • red ribbon 
  • dehydrated orange slices (any citrus works great)
  • hot glue gun

Cinnamon sticks and pine cones were hung using red ribbon.  Dehydrated orange slices were also hung on the tree and used to make garland.


Steps To Making Primitive Christmas Garland:

Making the Christmas garland was super easy and took about 5 minutes!  I used dehydrated oranges, pine cones and red ribbon.

  1. Cut the ribbon to the length needed for your space.
  2. Tie a slip knot in one end of the ribbon.
  3. Rotate pine cones and orange slices on the ribbon, leaving the same amount of distance between each one.
  4. Attach pine cones with the hot glue gun.  Place a pea sized amount on the pine cone and lay the ribbon on the glue.  (It dries really quick)
  5. For the oranges, use a small nail to poke a hole in the orange.
  6. Use the nail to force the end of the ribbon through the nail hole.
  7. Pull the orange on the ribbon to the spot it needs to be.
  8. Repeat steps 3 – 7.  Leave a few inches at the end to tie a knot in the ribbon.

Watch Our Video Where I Make This Garland!

The star tree topper was made using four twigs and hemp twine. Simply arrange the twigs in the shape of a star.  Hot glue twine around overlapping twigs as seen below.



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