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Simple Living ~ Gathering Herbs

It was foggy this morning, which made gathering herbs enjoyable.  The tasks of each day can be rewarding, when we choose to embrace the art of simple living.

Live simply in the moment.

harvesting elderberries, lady in blue dress with straw hat stands in front of elderberries

Walking through the hoop bean trellis, I take a second and check on their progress.  Today’s first chore is gathering the ripe elderberries.  These will be made into a tincture and popsicles later for the Winter months.  For now, they’ll be stored in the freezer.

Simple Living ~ Happy Spot

pasture mountains simple living

“Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Finding your happy spot can be essential for wellbeing.  Choose a place you can go reboot and destress.

This is a view from my happy spot.  Standing under the Elm tree, I talk to the Lord and do Tai Chi.  Just 5 minutes makes a huge difference in the day.

Gathering More Herbs

Next, I stop by the catnip.  The catnip will be dried in a hanging basket in the cottage kitchen.  This is only for aesthetic purposes.  The lavender flowers of the catnip are very pretty.

Watch our Youtube video:  Cottage Time ~ Cottagecore in the Garden.

Moving on from catnip, take a stroll to the echinacea.echinacea

The echinacea is a happening place today.  A beautiful hummingbird takes the spotlight.  A bumblebee shows up and a pretty butterfly.  Taking a timeout to enjoy this show was a pleasure.

The clipped echinacea will be added to a favorite white hobnail vase in the reading room.  Decorating in a way that makes you happy is another way you can embrace simple living.

Reading Longfellow poems while sipping chia tea.  Then pausing to enjoy the freshly clipped echinacea.

Wrapping Up Herb Gardening Time

Before calling gardening chores done, I can’t resist grabbing a sunflower to display in the kitchen window.

A quick stop by the basil to de-bud and checking on the progress of the carrots wraps up this garden visit.  Make sure to enjoy your moments and take joy in the simple life.  Have a wonderful day!

For those of you who are new, we would love to have you in our community!  We spend time on the farm, where you’ll see homesteading skills of gardening, animals, and cottage living.  Also, watch the video of this post over at Cottage Time by clicking here or below.




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