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The Proper Perspective

Sometimes, do you ever wander if you’re even on the right path, or think this is not how I wanted my life to be!(?) Discouragement sets in and the mind takes a dive into that pit of despair. It’s a hard place to be.

When things are going South, I know I for one tend to look at the problem instead of the Savior. Problems tend to intensify when the focus is on the problem! When your world is falling apart, make it a habit to go to Jesus.

There have been times when my world was shaken, that I was scared and unsure of my future. Illness, losing almost everything when my husband lost his job, disappointment in people…those difficult times are where I look back and see how God brought us through. It reminds me of an old Southern Gospel song that says, “God likes to work when nothing else will.”

Difficult times are when you discover who you really are. Do I really believe God’s in control? Do I really trust Him to take care of me? But, in those distressing horrible times if I could just lean on Jesus more than embracing my pain. If I keep seeking Him, He will make my path straight. This is a fact! God will not and cannot lie.

Don’t try to figure out how your going to fix it.

Don’t talk to everyone else about it before you talk to Jesus.

Do be still and know that He is God!

Do trust and know that He (God) will never leave you nor forsake you.

At the rejoicing end of a horrible trial I find that knowing God more is what ultimately came from this hard time in my life.

I know Him as Healer because He healed me and restored me from a horrible disease. I know Him as Provider because He provided for me countless times when situations called for need.

I know Him as Deliverer when He delivered me from situations far less than perfect. Whether it be a depressive job, an ungodly relationship, and on and on the list goes.

Straining situations have brought me to a relationship with God that is deeper! I know Him more because I see how He conquered all that messiness in the past. But, it doesn’t stop there! My God answers prayers! He is my Rescuer out of every pit!

To put things in proper prospective, when you find yourself in a God sized problem (problems only God can handle), watch for God. Trials can grow your relationship with God! Let’s face it, in this world we are going to have problems, but take heart He has overcome the world!

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