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Where to Buy Seeds in 2021 Seed Storage

Places to Buy Seeds

As of late, the online seed companies have been swamped with orders!  Some of my “Go To” companies are selling out or closing their site to catch up on orders.  Where to buy seeds in today’s hustle for quality seeds?  

Seed Buying Options

Local Hardware – Most places have a local hardware that can have a wonderful selection of seeds.  Our hardware store not only sells seeds, but also has a huge plant nursery.

vine tomatoes in garden survival plantSeeds for Generations – an online family business.  They have a healthy selection of heirloom seeds.  They do not sell GMO seeds. Although, this is an online seed business their site is still accepting orders and they still have a large variety of seeds available.

seed swap signSeed Swap – A Seed Swap is an event where local gardeners come together with their favorite saved seeds and share with other gardeners.  It’s a trade my seed for your seed type event.  Some areas have a seed swap.  It may be hosted by a church or a garden club for example.  To find a local seed swap you can check the newspaper.  Also, you can do a google/facebook search.  If all comes up empty, consider teaming with a few garden friends and host your own at a park or church.  Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever hosted a seed swap.

packs of vegetable seedsBox Stores

We recently had success at a chain box store.  We found organic and most of what we needed!  Another option is the grocery store.  We have had success at health food grocery stores.  They sometimes carry heirloom seeds.

Co-op – Grocery Co-ops sometimes have a gardening section offering a variety of seeds.  Azure Standard does carry three different brands of non-GMO seeds.  They do a monthly delivery to a large part of the U.S.  Check out their seeds at azurestandard.com.  

Etsy – Etsy has a huge amount of seed sellers!  I always check their feed back ratings to see if their seeds are a good quality.  

Amish – My sister told me about this one.  She has purchased seeds and plants from her local Amish Community.  If you happen to live in driving distance from an Amish community, check them out as a possibility.

Ebay – Ebay is a great place to find bulbs and seeds.  I would add to always check their ratings from former customers.

Seed Storage

Once you’ve found your seeds, storing them in a refrigerator, freezer or some cool place will prolong their life.  If you’re like me, having a large selection of seed packs and no method to the madness, take heart…I have found a seed organization system that works great and is cheap.seed case

We have this old CD case and decided to put it to good use.  I placed all of my seeds in the plastic holders and organized them into categories.  For example, one category is herbs.  I have a section for tomatoes only and so on.

If you happen to be in need of a CD case, check thrift stores or garage sales.  You can probably find one super cheap or maybe free from family/friend.

What are you using for seed storage?  Let us know in the comments below!

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