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Winter Farmhouse Vignettes Decorating for the Winter

The drab days of winter can definitely put a damper on the mood. Sometimes a fresh redo of decorating the farmhouse can shake those feelings that there is no end to winter.  Enjoy these Winter Farmhouse Vignettes!


winter farmhouse kitchen

In the kitchen I wanted a simple farmhouse feel.  Not a lot of fuss or clutter.  I used an oil lantern for my table centerpiece.  

blue and white farmhouse vingette on a white shelf

For the kitchen shelf, I used a blue and white color theme.  Blue and white make for an ideal color palette for winter.  Dutch pieces seemed a good choice here.  All of these items are second hand.  I collected them mainly from auctions.

Dining Room Farmhouse Vignettes

Moving on to the dining room, I have this antique cabinet in which I keep our cloth napkins, placemats and table cloths.   The amber bottle is dressed up with cotton.  I leaned more toward a brown color palette here.  Using bronze, amber and wood with a splash of teal in the wooden bowl and George Washington plate. close up view of cabinet decorated with george washington bust, amber bottle with cotton and books

This white and black metal table doubles as a buffet in the dining room.  Blue and white show up again on the lamp.  Silver tray displaying a creamer and sugar bowl with lots of patina.  Setting atop a good book is a cast iron candle holder.metal table with blue and white lamp, a silver tray with silver creamer and sugar bowl, a book and a candle

Bedroom Winter Farmhouse

In the bedroom, we have a family handmade quilt on the bed.  A straw hat and a basket of books keeps the simple farmhouse feel in this room.bed with handmade quilt, a straw hat and a basket of books

On the wall hangs a vintage shelf.  Decorated center is a Song of Solomon picture.  At one end sits a copper pot atop a blue book, ceramic pitchers sit either side of the picture, and a colonial couple.  On the other end are blue candle sticks.  Oh, and I can’t forget the twinkle lights!

shelf with copper pot on top of books, blue candle sticks, ceramic pitchers and Song of Solomon picture.  Hanging on the pegs is a straw hat, metal basket with roses and a wooden heart

Hanging from the pegs:  a simple wooden heart, a straw garden hat, and a green metal basket with roses.

Sitting Room in Winter Farmhouse

This table vignette hosts a vintage blue and white jug table lamp, a book nook filled with great vintage books, an old red schoolhouse and a colonial couple.  Underneath is a vintage briefcase, oversized books, and a wooden duck.wood table with a blue and white jug lamp, book nook with books, old red schoolhouse, and colonial couple.

Winter Livingroom in the Farmhouse

I debated on whether or not to show these pictures of the Livingroom because of the paneling walls, but it is what it is.  I am thankful for the walls and eventually they will showcase white shiplap.livingroom shelf with wedding photo, needlework picture, vase of flowers and bunny.  Underneath is a black piano with green oil lanterns on either side and a frank sinatra vinyl record

The piano is decorated with green oil lanterns on either side.  A Frank Sinatra vinyl record sits in the middle.  Above is a long wood shelf.  In the middle I displayed a needlework picture.  I had picked up this ornate gold frame at a thrift store and decided to place it in front of the needlework, since it’s frame was less appealing.  Candlesticks sit either side of the picture and a wooden bunny to one side.

shelf with vase of flowers, a woody angel next to a glass basket with flower sit atop a book.  A wooden bunny next to a needlepoint picture and a candlestick

Here’s a closeup of one side of the shelf.  This side has a white vase of flowers.  Next, is a woody angel with a glass basket sitting on a vintage book.  And then we’re back to the center of the shelf.closeup of livingroom shelf.  a birdhouse at one end next to a wedding photo, a wedding frame, then candle stick and a needlepoint picture 

On the other end of the shelf I have a teal and white wooden birdhouse next to our wedding picture.  It’s February, which is why I have the wedding photo. On this shelf  I tried to keep height visually appealing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at my Winter Farmhouse Vignettes!  Let me know in the comments if you enjoy decorating during the Winter.

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