Winter Inspired Cottagecore Slow Living

One of the many aspects I love about Cottagecore is slow living, which is a lifestyle philosophy.  As many of us seek to enjoy a slower paced life, there can be a struggle to know what that might look like.  While it’s true that we are all coming from different backgrounds, there are areas of our life where we can embrace the simple, slow living.  Today, I’m sharing 10 ways to have a winter inspired Cottagecore kind of day!

Treasure the small events of an intentional day. Enjoy life as it happens and decide today, that you are going to enjoy the journey!


Take a Nature Walk

When weather allows, nature walks can lend a refreshing vibe to your day! Take in the smells and scenery of the great outdoors, which is all a part of the slow living day. Live in the moment. Bring a journal and draw something beautiful that catches your eye or gather specimens to create an herbarium later. Whether you choose to simply stroll or explore and learn, time spent outdoors is a much-needed past time.

Get Lost in a Book

Begin an adventure as you let yourself get lost in a good book. Wandering where to start? Look for Classic authors like: L.M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Sit and Chat with a Loved One


While texting and phone calls have their place, there’s nothing quite like sitting a spell with someone you love. My grandmother always loved to have someone stop by and sit under the shade tree with her. While our conversations may not have been book worthy, they meant a lot to her and are cherished memories for me today.

It’s about catching up on life and genuinely conversing with your loved one.

Be in the moment…slow living.

Have a Quiet Time


A quite time to reflect on what matters. Make adjustments where needed. Pray. Journal. For me, I try to do this in the morning. There’s something refreshing about the morning. I read my Bible and talk to God. I have found this time to be renewing and stress relieving.

Teatime or Coffee Break

Take a few minutes each day to linger over a cup of your favorite beverage. Be grateful for the time and the “tea.”

This little break can be the reboot to get you through the evening.

Listen to Music

Listen to music to unwind or lift your mood. While listening, do a chore or paint or just sit and enjoy. The main goal is to embrace the slow living activity.

Sitting By a Fire


Who doesn’t appreciate the down time of sitting by a fire? Cozy up next to a bonfire or the woodstove and have a relaxing evening!

Enjoy a Candlelight Dinner

Surprise your loved ones with a candlelight dinner! Turn the lights down low and enjoy sweet conversation and the flickering glow of candles lighting your dinner.

Learn a New Skill


Take up a new skill that’s not only relaxing, but productive as well. Making something with your own hands can bring a satisfying joy…contentment.

Play a Board Game

Take a break from the stresses of the day. Focus on those in your own household. Go old school!  Spend an engaging afternoon over your favorite board game.


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